Imagine beautiful synthetic floors with natural bark tones in three-dimensional wood patterns. Neither too yellow, too orange, or too brown, they compliment not only real wood colors, but colors found in tile and carpet, Gretchen Schauffler, artist and founder of Devine Color, has combined her unique flair for color composition and philosophical point-of-view to turn this imagination into reality with Devine Color Floor. These luxury vinyl color collections give you high wearing fashionable European style and Beauty Underfoot. 

"Fauxbulous" COLORS

Devine Color floors will give you a new sense of color freedom and beauty under foot. These wood patterns and colors are hard to achieve with natural wood. That's what makes them a new and exciting way to be creative and artistic when choosing a new floor.

Stilettos Welcomed

Not all synthetic floors look like the real thing — but ours do. Go ahead and dance all night in your high heels or run around barefoot. In either case your feet and shoes will love how strong, soft to touch, and soundproof these synthetic floors are. They give you a fashionable look, free from the high maintenance of real wood, while being quieter than wood or laminates and completely dent, moisture and fire resistant.

All For One & One For All

Your floor should stay strong and be bold against everyday life. But more than anything it should let everyone in your life dance, play, and run like no one's watching, or worrying about what it will do to the floor. And if something does happen to the floor, don't worry, you can just replace it. And when I say you, I mean you.